We interpret the value of connection in many different ways. It is about building a strong network of relationships with our referral and delivery partners, our funders and sponsors, and with our clients and their families. It is also about staying connected with each other as staff and volunteers at Tenacious House. Understanding and supporting one another is very important to us. Connecting with our clients and their families is at the heart of our program, both during and after their residential time with us. We work hard to stay connected with the challenges they face and how to help overcome them too, ensuring we remain current and continuously learning. Helping our clients to achieve community connection will enable them to move from isolation to having positive relationships characterized by healthy human interactions. We advocate that connection is the antidote to addiction. The sense of community that they can benefit from begins in Tenacious House and carries on during our continuing care program and in the world outside of rehabilitation.

From isolation to connection.



Hope is most commonly expressed as a desire, coupled with some expectation of success. We want and believe that people can and will recover in our care. We cannot make our clients recover. All we can do is provide the environment, opportunities and support to encourage recovery and hope that each and every person chooses to do what is required of them to get better. Most people that come to Tenacious House are exhausted and unwell. We strive to nurture hope in our clients that they can and will recover. Positivity breeds positivity. Recovery from addiction and mental health issues is often a long journey but from hope, faith can develop, that a better future is possible. We value the choice, independence, and freedom that hope can bring.

From despair to hope.




Resilience is the ultimate goal in the recovery journey of our clients. Resilience doesn’t mean we don’t feel life’s ups and downs, or that the challenging times don’t happen any more. It means we have the tools to deal with them without letting them destroy us, and we are optimistic that things will get better. The dignity and self-worth to be found in achieving this resilience are priceless. From an organizational perspective, many very worth while organisations are vying for funding and other resources in our sector. We need to make sure we are receiving our share of it! This means delivering the best service that we can now, whilst striving to build our future. One of the best ways to achieve this is through self-motivated people who have a passion for what they do. The leadership, staff, and volunteers at Tenacious House are a critical success factor in ensuring a high quality, sustainable service can be delivered. We need to be resilient as individuals, as a team and as an organisation. Our personal wellbeing, both physical and mental, is inextricably connected to the organisational resilience of Tenacious House. Business sustainability will be achieved through the ongoing resilience of our people as much as through continuity of funding and operational systems.

From instability to resilience.