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Ryan, age 25

My life before entering Tenacious House was a revolving door of addiction, despair, depression and broken relationships. I had tried many other rehabs without success. I have now completed the Tenacious House recovery program and with the continued support of Tenacious House I have remained drug free, working full-time, participating in community groups, and now living in a share house with good positive people.

‘I am so thank full to Tenacious House, the staff and volunteers for helping me get my life back’


Chad, age 25

My life before Tenacious House was a life of addiction, anger and violence. When I entered the program I struggled for many weeks adapting to a new way of life. Once I surrendered to the program everything got easier and I started to change. Today I am working full time, drug free, can control my anger and now have new ambitions with hope looking forward to the future.


Gary, age 57

At age 15, I was given my first beer. At age 16 I started to pop down to the local for a couple of beers after work. This started my love affair with alcohol. 

Not long after that I discovered drugs. This started a life of self-destructive behaviour. I became a joke to my friends and an embarrassment to my family. Eventually my addictions led to such behaviour that no one wanted me at their house through fear of what I would do, or who I would abuse or insult. This also led to a life of jobs I would be sacked from or leave in a drunken rage.

 When I came in I could barely walk and I looked like a corpse. Slowly but surely with a lot of help, I began to recover. With counselling, exercise programs, working in the fresh air and all the other activities I am on my way to a full recovery. I’ve put on weight and am fitter than I’ve been in decades. I’ve won back the respect and admiration of my family. Thank you to everyone that has helped me, and especially to Tenacious House. I could not have done this on my own.


Thank you from participant’s family.

We are so grateful to all who have had a part in helping Gary in his recovery. He is looking the healthiest we have seen him in over a decade and his positive attitude and determination to get his life on track has been inspirational to say the least. It’s hard to put into words how the family feels about the new Gary but one that comes to mind is grateful. So thank you, thank you, thank you.


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