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FAQ’s Tenacious House

How do I get in?

The person seeking treatment either calls Tenacious House on 0412 456 335 themselves to arrange a suitable time for an assessment interview and medical appointment. We will then notify you if you are successful. If we feel our services won’t suit your situation we will offer referrals to other agencies.

How long before I get in?

Waitlists really depend upon the current number of participants in the program. Once a bed is available you will be notified of an entry date. It is your responsibility to maintain contact with Tenacious House whilst on the wait list.

What about detox?

Participants are expected to detox from all illicit drugs,alcohol, smoking cigarettes and the cessation of vapours prior to entering Tenacious House.  We recommend that this process be supervised by a medical practitioner. Detox options will be discussed at your assessment interview and /or GP appointment.

If I am on prescribed medication what happens?

Our GP will go through your current medication ensuring you are on the correct dosage and this will be monitored throughout the program. Reducing or changing medication will only be permitted under the guidance of a medical doctor.

How long is the programme?

The duration of the program is five months.

How much does the programme cost?

To enter the Tenacious House programme a subsidised rate of $550.00 per fortnight is required. The initial non- refundable amount must be paid prior to entering the program.  Assistance in this payment can be possible through Centrelink for eligible participants. You are strongly encouraged to ensure you have this set up prior to entering the program. This only covers approximately 30% of the cost of your stay and the remainder is funded through private donations.


What if I can’t afford it?

You may be eligible to receive Centrelink payments whilst you are in the program or alternatively you could ask a family member or friend to offer assistance.

Can I smoke cigarettes?

No. Tenacious House is a smoke free program. You are encouraged to detox prior to entering and ensure you have discussed this with our GP.

Do I have to share a room?

Yes- all participants share a room. There are two participants per room.

When can I have visitations?

Due to the nature of the program this will depend on how the participant is managing with the changes. Family are an important part of the participant’s recovery, however in the best interest of the participant this will have to be determined by the Operations Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor. After four weeks in the program you are eligible for Sunday afternoon (fortnightly), after twelve weeks you may be eligible for weekend leave.

When can I use my mobile phone?

For the first two weeks of the program there is to be no telephone contact. In the case of emergencies it will be determined by the Operations Coordinator. After the initial twe weeks phones can be accessed three times a week at set times.

Willingness to engage in physical activity/work?

There is a practical work component to our program and the GP will assess your physical health to determine suitability.   

Can I go to work whilst living there?

No- Tenacious House is a live in facility and requires full participation everyday

What if I live interstate or in rural WA?

Tenacious House welcomes applications from rural WA and also interstate. Please click on the link below for more information.