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Through the program men will be equipped with essential life skills needed to break free from addiction and life controlling issues so they can live a successful and fulfilling life.


The Program

Tenacious House works collaboratively with psychologist, counsellors, doctors, external organisations and support workers to provide training and support for men with life controlling issues. Our holistic approach to recovery can be summarised into 6 main streams.




This 12 module group program is run by Holyoake and includes weekly presentations by Holyoake counsellors on a variety of topics, followed by therapeutic discussions within the group.  This is an educative and therapeutic approach to developing recovery skills, typical to what you would expect to see in a recovery program. For further details please visit their website  www.holyoake.org.au/who-we-reach/men


An evidence based model for recovery which is a hands on/practical approach to help those who may not engage in more traditional ways of teaching. These courses include:

  • Equine therapy, where the Participants use their interaction with the horses to understand their emotions and self-awareness.The 6 week horse therapy sessions are a great addition to our other counselling styles. These sessions offer a safe challenge for consumers to explore feelings and behaviours in a new way by connecting them with horses and nature. Working with horses helps build relationships and centre the individual in the moment, promoting wellness and positive Mental Health. Equestrian Therapy is a research based transformational process that invites consumers to see the patterns that they live in the world and how they relate with those around them in a different environment.


To be healthy, the mind, body and soul need to be functioning well.

  • Fitness classes are run twice per week to improve physical health and strength.

  • Food and nutrition courses are run which teaches healthy eating habits which includes learning to read food labels and understand the effects of food on the body.

  • The Participants are given the opportunity to explore their personal spirituality.

  • Thought of the day is done every morning which can be a personal reflection, meditation or reading.

  • 12 step program NA program – all Participants go to 2 weekly NA group meetings which are run in the broader community.


The basic skills to do life well. The program is designed to simulate a working week which gets the Participants work ready for when they complete the program. All the Participants go on a cooking cleaning roster where they learn how to manage a household which would include food shopping, cleaning, cooking and self-care.


Participants complete two days each week on local farms in the community. This is where the Participants learn to follow instructions, work safely and then, as they progress, lead teams.


Each Participant is assigned a trained counsellor who they see once a week. The counsellors work closely with the participants to establish individualised treatment plans and work to achieve their personal recovery goals. We also run community groups twice a week which gives the Participants an opportunity to talk about grievances or issues that are coming up in the recovery progress in a safe and nurturing environment.


During the program Participants will go on the Tenacious House Camp in Margaret River. While camping in the forest Participants will be involved in caving, rock climbing and fishing. Through these activities the Participants learn about the power of team work, setting goals and embracing new challenges.

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Program Duration


During the initial 12 week intensive program the objective is to identify and address the main areas of concern in each individual, applying strategy to overcome the life controlling issues. In this phase a strong emphasis is placed on character traits required to gain recovery through the teaching from the 6 streams of recovery which are explained in this document.


This is an 8 week transitional program assisting the Participants make a smooth transition back into the community. Like phase one, this phase is completed on location at Tenacious House. Participants are now expected to take a more senior role in the Tenacious House community helping the new Participants to be and feel part of the community and helping them to understand basic recovery skills.

While in this 8 week transitional program each Participant will complete a resume and start looking for work, or a pathway to study. Each Participant will also complete a personal Action plan which is what their week would look like when leaving the program. Mental health care plans can also be attained from the GP, at this stage, for those participants that require the extra support.

Privileges are also increased. Weekends away are permitted so they can apply what they have learned in the program. It is at this time other areas of concern may be identified, and strategies introduced to help the participants. 

Upon completing phases one and two of the Tenacious House program a Certificate of Completion is awarded to the Participant.


The third and final phase commences when the Participant leaves the Tenacious House and lives back in the broader community, working or studying and adhering to their personally designed Action Plan which they developed in residence. 

All participants will be linked in with local counsellors, local Narcotic Anonymous meetings and other community services such as churches and sporting teams.

The Participants are also assigned a volunteer mentor that will assist them in all areas of transitioning back into the community and daily routine.

Each Participant in facet of the program will also be expected to volunteer one shift per fortnight to help others in the program. They will also attend our once every three week reunion meetings where past and present Participants get together to help and encourage one another.

It is after six months of following their monitored Action Plan that they will achieve graduation from the Tenacious House recovery program and receive their Graduation Certificate.


Accommodation in Perth for disadvantaged people is very rare. Unfortunately many of the Participants who complete the first two phases of the Tenacious House program have no accommodation options. It is because of this need that we provide transitional accommodation. Its primary purpose is to house the Participants that have entered phase three of the program, while supporting them in following their personal Action Plan and achieving their goals in a safe environment.


To enter the Tenacious House program a subsidised rate of $550 per fortnight is required. This payment needs to be paid in advance and equates to approximately one third of the total cost per Participant each fortnight. Assistance in this payment can be given to applicants by Centrelink and Tenacious House can help in this process.


·         Part sponsor a participant - $2,000

·         Part sponsor a participant - $5,000

·         Fully sponsor a participant - $15,000

Who should apply?

Men aged 18 and over who want to overcome life controlling issue such as Addiction’s, Anxiety, Depression, Unemployment or Homelessness.