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Success Stories

Ryan, age 25

My life before entering Tenacious House was a revolving door of addiction, despair, depression and broken relationships. I had tried many other rehabs without success. I have now completed the Tenacious House recovery program and with the continued support of Tenacious House I have remained drug free, working full-time, participating in community groups, and now living in a share house with good positive people.

‘I am so thank full to Tenacious House, the staff and volunteers for helping me get my life back’

Steve, age 35

“Tenacious House is a lot like a family, where everybody is helping each other overcome their issues, with the support of the staff and volunteers”

Chad, age 25

My life before Tenacious House was a life of addiction, anger and violence. When I entered the program I struggled for many weeks adapting to a new way of life. Once I surrendered to the program everything got easier and I started to change. Today I am working full time, drug free, can control my anger and now have new ambitions with hope looking forward to the future.

Joshua, age 23

Before Tenacious House I felt alone lost and depressed. Every day was a fight just to get out of Bed which made it impossible for me to keep a job. Since leaving Tenacious House I still have up and down days but I now know how to manager my life better. I am now working full time and am the happiest I have been in a very long time.

Wayne, age 29

Prior to entering the Tenacious House program my life was out of control. Committing robbery and continually having to go to court. My relationship with my family was really bad as I continually hurt them. Today after doing 6 months at Tenacious house I am a completely different person loving life and my family. I now have a full-time job and live in a share house with one of best mates who was also at Tenacious House.

“I am so thank full to Tenacious House for helping me to change and become the man I always wanted to be”.

Bill, age 29

My life before Tenacious House was always full of drama and stress. My life of living on the streets using drugs and doing crime lead me to prison with no hope for the future. Life in Tenacious House was an eye opener. I never knew a good life was possible for me, but as I listened to the staff and applied the things they taught me I began to see a new hope for my future. After completing the Tenacious House program I have gone on to finish a certificate 3 in community services and I am planning to continue with my studies. I now live in share house with 2 supportive, positive people and am enjoying life with new friends.

“I am so grateful for Tenacious House and the hope that it has given me for my future”