Tenacious House is a public benevolent activity of Northern Compassion Inc., which has been providing residential recovery services since mid-2014 to people from across Western Australia and more recently interstate. On average there are up to 10 participants residing at Tenacious house with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. The purpose of Tenacious House is to help men aged over 18 years overcome life-controlling issues.  This statement of purpose captures the essence of the organisation that was formed to help empower people to become successful in relationships with family and the community, establish and fulfil personal goals and make a positive contribution to society.  

The program was originally developed with significant input from people working in residential recovery and rehabilitation.  In the context of a start-up enterprise, the organisation’s process of determining strategy was lead by a group of people (Management Committee) representing politicians at all levels of government, community leaders, consumers, local business owners and relevant technical capabilities.  The original program and strategy provided flexibility in dealing with significant uncertainties.  As the organisation has developed, a learning approach to planning emerged with a greater understanding of the industry and critical success factors.  Academic evidence has been documented to support the program which now operates within a well-documented strategic plan.